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We Are A Member Of The Institute of Clerks of Works and Construction Inspectorate

What Drives us as Company?

What separates our company from the rest?

  • We have taken the time to research and discuss with potential Clients what they think actually is involved with a new building or extension.

  • The feed back seems to have a repeat number of answers like:-

  • How will the works affect our day to day living?
  • Will it be very noisy and messy?
  • How can we tell the building is being built correctly?
  • What do we need to do?
  • How will we track payments?

  • The points above are some of the questions fed back, and when read brings to light the worry or concern Clients have which when asked were not discussed. We realised that the builders tend to press on, wrapped up in their own blinkered fashion without liaising with the Client through the build to review the key points.

    So we have set out to change this type of negative feedback by addressing the whole approach prior to commencing the project.

What have we done?

  • Its considered that most builders know how to build, BUT we take the time to assign a Project Manger to review the project not in build detail, but what the Clients expectations are.
  • The primary action is listening to any concerns the Client may have and planning how these concerns will be managed so they are NOT a concern.
  • Taking the time to review the building sequence by issuing a programme of works to the Client that is reviewed regularly.
  • Taking time to discuss and simplify “ Construction Terminology”, to ensure that when we hear “ It all sounds great but I don’t have a clue what you just said” We make sure that our Clients DO understand.
  • Our Project Mangers are always available to answer any questions.

  • We have found that by having this approach to the reoccurring concerns Clients have raised in the past within the industry is no longer an issue on our projects.” Our testimonials are proof of this!

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A short list of the services we offer, Contact us for more information

Steel Frame Buildings

We do high quaility steel works.

Commercial Fitouts

If this is a service you require just give a call and we will be with you all the way.

Barn Conversions

We do all type of conversions including barn conversions.


We take on all kind of Extensions, Just give us a call!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you close off part of the house when you start work?

We liaise with you and section off small areas to minimise disruption.

How long does an average extension take to build?

On average 10 weeks

How will you manage all the materials?

We place a bulk order but call off materials as we need them.

How does the payment work?

we provide a programme with key milestone dates for payments which add up to the budget figure.

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